Our Charges

Here at Sol Moves, we pride ourselves on providing fair and competitive prices for our removals and storage services. Charges are worked out the basis of package size and weight. On long distance journeys, our pricing structure may be subject to other factors such as fuel, ferries, and tolls.

Sol Moves

Sizes and Prices

Loads are calculated by their size in cubic metres (m3) and weight in kilograms. We charge £100 per m3 with a payload limit of 50kg. Any load greater 50kg per m3 is charged at £2 per kg over the limit. Items smaller than 1 m3 are charged at £2 per kg.


All items are weighed as they are loaded. Our vehicles are equipped with built-in scales in order to stay within payload limits. Failure for us to comply with regulations could result in huge roadside fines.

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